MISCHIEF ATHLETIC WEAR - Custom Running Elvis and Elvette Costumes
The quality in workmanship of the jumpsuit was superb, and very comfortable to run in".
Hudson Elvis
“It was a thrill to run the marathon as "THE KING", as the cheering and support from the fans was fantastic!  The suit was very comfortable and a bargain!
"I LOVE the Elvis suit!  The Elvis suit worked wonderfully well.  It was surprisingly comfortable.  Thanks a ton, Misty.  You Rock!"
Matt Evans
"Misty, I just wanted to thank you for the Elvis Costume- it worked out great!  Made the run way more fun.  Thanks!"
Mark McElligot
"I never had so much fun participating in a race.  You were a huge part of that!
Thank you...Thank you very much!
Jill W 
“Thanks for the awesome suit Misty.  I would have been willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort to run with the Running Elvi, and was thrilled to find that I didn’t have to.  I didn’t have any chaffing, and it actually wicked the sweat really well!  Thanks for making so much fun so comfortable!” 
Elvis Annie
"Thanks again for making my costume, and so many other ones!  It was a blast!"
Loren Lemos
"Thanks again! Love my dress."
"Dear Misty,  Thank-you so much for the "Elvette" costumes-  We love them!!  Can't wait to run in them in Vegas!!"
Debbie Joanis & Terri Fehr
"Misty, The suit is AWESOME!  You are AMAZING!  Thanks for everything!
Carolyn in San Francisco
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